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Fighting heedless of its own destructionError-prone guardian machine

The bed can continue to act independently after Bedman’s death due to the program he entered in his last moments.
Delilah recovers it after it plays a part in stopping her when she loses control.
It mainly takes action to protect Delilah.
Although capable of simple communication, complex conversation taking the other party into consideration and storage of daily memories is out of the scope of its abilities.

Bedman’s sister.
She has the same unique condition as her brother, and has been able to live only through dreams due to her incredible cognitive abilities. However, she descends into the real world through the Absolute World created by Bedman in his dying moments.
Her true capabilities are restricted as a means to keep her body anchored in reality (something Delilah herself is unaware of).
Her brother’s bed is always at her side, protecting her (sometimes going overboard in doing so).

Although she possesses incredible power and unparalleled cognitive abilities, she’s well aware that she lacks an understanding of current events and the subtleties of others’ emotions.
She also realizes she is lacking in experience communicating with others, but she finds herself frustrated at her own child-like emotions despite them being natural for her age.