Use a wide variety of attacks
to damage your opponent.

A series of attacks in the corner
will cause you to move to another
area, resetting your positions.

When your opponent's Health hits 0,
that's a KO. When they lose all their
Heart Icons, you've won!

02Select your character

Find the character who suits your style best. We've got quite the selection to
choose from--a knight who controls lightning, a girl who commands marine
animals, a doctor who uses mysterious techniques, and many more.

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03Must-use techniques

Roman Cancel

Cancels your attack, sends a shockwave, and slows down your opponent's movement.
You can use it while attacking to strengthen your offense, or use it defensively to weather your opponent's attacks.
RC is a mechanic that can add depth to your matches, depending on how you use it.

Psych Burst

When you've been hit by a powerful attack, Psych Burst can you get you out of a tough spot!
It takes time to re-charge before you can use it again, though, so use it wisely.