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CV Anna Brisbin

All-consuming flame of jealousyLovingly latched-on homunculus

A homunculus born in a laboratory called Flask.
She’s given the name Paracelsus to an axe closely resembling a key, and treats him as her husband.

Due to her solitary upbringing in the laboratory, she is extremely shy around new people.
She’s still emotionally immature, and shows a deeply jealous and possessive side when it comes to Paracelsus.
She may come off as belligerent, but this is only to cover for her timidity. She maintains a base level of consideration and sympathy for others.

She first sets out on a journey to find a human body for her spouse, Paracelsus.
Now, concerned about the recent changes to his appearance, she is investigating the cause of his transformation.

Paracelsus (CV Alejandro Antonio Ruiz):

A.B.A’s weapon as well as husband (according to her).

In actuality, he is a magical battle axe named Flament Nagel. His brainwashing has led many warriors to their deaths on the battlefield during the Crusades.
His thirst for violence would drive his wielder to fight until their bloody end, with no distinction between friend or foe.

After the Crusades, he encounters A.B.A, accompanying her despite a seeming distaste for her constant advances.
Throughout their time together, he has begun to change shape from an axe into a key. A.B.A has yet to notice the change in heart he’s experienced along with this transformation.

While he’s grown accustomed to life outside of the battlefield, oddly enough he sometimes finds himself losing hold of his shape…?