• 1. Introduction
    Please read and accept the following terms of service when using the Fan Kit.

  • 2. Intent of Distribution
    The Fan Kit consists of official images for use by fans of Guilty Gear -Strive- distributed by Arc System Works free of charge, in hopes of supporting community engagement.

  • 3. Conditions of Use
    This kit is available for anyone to use free of charge. The contents may be used online for websites such as blogs, or on fliers, etc. for events.
    However, please read Section 5 “Prohibitions” carefully and encertain your usage falls within the rules.

  • 4. Rights to the Fan Kit
    While this kit is distributed free of charge, the rights to the data included within are held by Arc System Works.

  • 5. Prohibitions

    ○Duplication, Redistribution
    The Fan Kit may be duplicated or redistributed, however distribution is prohibited if the files have been modified.

    ○Modification of Contents
    Any modification that could damage the reputation of the game or characters is forbidden.

    ○Online Usage
    When using contents from the Fan Kit online such as on blogs or websites, please include the following copyright notice.

    (1) Copyright Notice
    Please use the copyright notice below, being careful to ensure readability.
    Displaying the copyright notice with notably poor visibility is forbidden.
    In the event that the “©” symbol cannot be properly displayed, “(C)” may be used instead.

    (2) Link to the Official Site
    When using the Fan Kit on a website, blog, etc. please include a minimum of 1 clear link to the GGST official site (see below for the URL).

    *URL for links:
    Guilty Gear -Strive- Official Site

  • 6. Terms of Service Infractions

    In the event of an infraction of the terms of service, Arc System Works may request the party to terminate usage.
    Additionally, regarding online usage on websites, blogs, etc., Arc System Works may request removal via the server management company, provider, etc. without prior notice.
    Any usage deemed inappropriate, regardless of whether or not it is denoted in the terms, may result in a request to terminate usage.

    It is strictly forbidden to use contents containing part or all of materials from the Fan Kit to gain financial profit via sales.
    In the event of usage infringing on this term, Arc System Works may handle the matter legally based on intellectual property rights and commercial law.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these terms.
    We appreciate your continued support for Guilty Gear -Strive-.

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