Open Beta Test #2 Announcement

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Date and Time

Client available for download

5/7 8:00
5/7 10:00
5/7 10:00

Open Beta Test #2 starts

5/13 20:00
5/13 22:00
5/14 3:00

Open Beta Test #2 ends

5/16 7:59
5/16 9:59
5/16 14:59

※The Open Beta Test #2 client will be available to download on May 7th at 10:00 AM on each region's PS Store.
※The game cannot be played until May 13th 8:00 PM [PDT] / 10:00 PM [EDT] / May 14th 3:00 AM [GMT], when the servers open.
※For those who have the previous Open Beta Test client, it will be updated to the Open Beta Test #2 client. You do not need to download the new client.


※Crossplay is available between PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5.


Playable Modes

Versus Mode : Play against the CPU or another player.
Tutorial Mode : Learn the basics.
Training Mode : Practice with custom settings.
Online Match : Test your skills against players from all over the world
*Player Matches (player created rooms) will not be available during the beta test.

Playable Characters

Battle Balance

Battle balance has been adjusted after the Open Beta Test in February.

Changes from the previous Open Beta Test

Online Mode

・The player can now select a Duel Station to queue up for battles.
  After selecting a station, the player enters into a standby mode and waits for an opponent.

・A rematch function has been added.
 In the Rank Tower, you can rematch up to 3 times, or until either player's recommended floor changes.
 In the Open Park, you can rematch as many times as both players agree.
・Other features of the Lobby have also been improved.

Battle Balance Adjustments

・When the same move is used more than a set number of times in a combo, the opponent now falls more quickly.
・Aerial actions in general have been adjusted. ※Adjustments vary for each character.
 Using aerial attacks, double jumps, and air dashes now causes recovery on landing.
 Jumps and air dashes now cover less distance.
 Characters now enter an airborne state later after a jump begins.
・The command normal → + P has been adjusted to work as an anti-air attack. ※Adjustments vary for each character.
 The hitbox has been expanded upwards, and the hurtbox has been reduced.
 The attack is now active for longer.
・Recovery time has been increased after blocking an attack while in mid-air.
・The overall balance has been adjusted, from general game mechanics to individual character abilities.


・More updates are implemented throughout the game, such as menu screens.


Online Matches

The Online Beta Test #2 processes network connections for online matches with rollback-style netcode. Players can enjoy a gameplay experience similar to local play even when online.

Values Displayed on Screen During Matches

・ms… This refers to the ping (round response time between you and your opponent). This changes depending on your internet connection and the distance between you and your opponent. The lower this number is, the smoother your match will feel.
・Rollback Frames… This refers to the average number of frames rolled-back during a set period of time. This number increases when the connection is poor, and the display can become unstable when the number passes a certain point.
When reporting your feedback or any errors encountered during online matches, please include the above numbers as they appeared during the match.
As the purpose of this Open Beta Test is to test the network under a wide variety of connection signals, there will not be any filtering based on connection strength or a display of the opponent's connection before matches.


※The Open Beta Test #2 can only be played during the designated date and time.
※Some of the game's content may differ from the final product.
※A network connection is required even when playing offline modes.
※Save data from the Open Beta Test cannot be carried over to the final product.
※PlayStation® Plus is not required to play the Open Beta online modes.