Open Beta Test

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For customers who pre-ordered the Digital version on PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5

February 17th 19:00 - 23st 6:59 [PT]

※The Open Beta Test will be available to download for those who have pre-ordered the Digital version of Guilty Gear -Strive- on February 17th 10:00 [PT] for the North America PS Store.
※The game cannot be played until February 17th 19:00 [PT], when the servers open.
※The Open Beta Test is available early to those who have pre-ordered the Digital version of either the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition.

Pre-order here:

PS4 version      PS5 version

General Participants

February 18th 19:00 - 23st 6:59 [PT]

The Open Beta Test will be available to download on February 18th 19:00 [PT] 19th 3:00 [GMT] for all PS Stores.

Playable Characters

13 Characters
※Anji Mito and the 15th character are not playable.

Available Modes

Versus Mode

Play against the CPU or another player.

Tutorial Mode

Learn the basics of how to play.

Training Mode

Recreate a variety of situations and practice to your heart's content.

Network Mode

Play against others from across the globe.

About Online Matches

This Beta Test uses rollback netcode for online match connections.
You can enjoy online matches with responsiveness comparable to offline matches.

◆About the numbers displayed at the top of the screen during matches

・ms: Refers to the ping (response speed from your opponent's connection). This changes depending on your network connection and the distance between you and your opponent. Your match will be smoother the lower this number is.

・Rollback Frames: Refers to the average number of rollback frames during a set period of time. This number increases the worse the connection between you and your opponent is. When this number gets too high, the match can be difficult to display.

When reporting your impressions or errors encountered during online matches, please include the two numbers detailed above in your report.

In order to perform the network test with variety of connection conditions, the Beta Test will not include features such as a connection compatibility display before the match, or matchmaking filtering based on connection strength.


※The Open Beta Test can only be played during the scheduled time period.
※The Open Beta Test's content varies from the finalized release version.
※A network connection is required to play the Open Beta Test, even in Offline Modes.
※Save data from the Open Beta Test cannot be carried over to the release version.
※PlayStation®Plus membership is not required to play online multiplayer in the Open Beta Test.