[Ver. 1.34] Patch Notes

  • Patch notes

An update to Version 1.34 will be released on January 11 for the PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Steam/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Windows versions of Guilty Gear -Strive- with fixes for various issues.


・As of this issue fix update, the Battle Version has been updated from Ver. 3.02 to Ver. 3.03.

・Fixed an issue causing the game to become temporarily unresponsive when using a Finish Blow after a round victory with Elphelt.

・Fixed an issue causing unintended behavior when Elphelt uses Here I Go! while tethered to Baiken after Kabari (S version) or Ground Throw.

・Fixed an issue allowing Millia to perform a second Tandem Top via certain input methods while one Tandem Top is already on-screen.

・Fixed an issue causing the character not to be displayed properly when hit by Faust’s Ground Throw or Bone-crushing Excitement under certain conditions in Arcade Mode.

・Fixed an issue causing unintended visuals for Asuka when he is hit by Bone-Crushing Excitement while in the afro state caused by Faust’s item.

・Fixed an issue causing Faust to appear at unintended different positions when using Scarecrow. This fix called for changes to the move’s properties, as described below.

Issue Background:
In Ver. 1.32, using Deflect Shield against the P or K versions of Scarecrow caused unnatural camera movement. This visual issue was addressed in Ver. 1.33. This also resulted in an unintended change in the position Faust would appear during Scarecrow.

Issue Fix Method:
In order to address the visual and positioning issues with minimal impact on existing combos and strings, the timing when Faust turns to face the opponent while Scarecrow is active has been changed. This changes the situation when performing the strings below in the corner, for example.

Close Standing S > Crouching S > Scarecrow (K version) > Scarecrow will hit to the front of Faust with no additional inputs
This creates more distance with the opponent.

Close Standing S > Crouching S > Scarecrow (K version) > Input forward for Scarecrow to hit behind Faust
This creates less distance with the opponent.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to players.

We will post updates regarding future game updates and their release schedule on the official X account.
Thank you for your continued support for Guilty Gear -Strive-.