[Ver1.27] Patch Notes

  • Patch notes

An update to Version 1.27 will be released on May 25 for the PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Steam/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Windows versions of Guilty Gear -Strive- with the addition of a new playable character as well as fixes for various issues.

Features Added

・Added Asuka R♯ as a playable character.
*Asuka R♯ will be available after purchasing "GGST Season Pass 2" or the "Asuka R♯” DLC item to be released on May 25.

・Added the Asuka R♯ theme, “The Gravity.”
Asuka R♯ must be selectable in order to use the BGM.

・Added avatar items for Asuka R♯.
The new avatar items can be obtained via “fishing.”

・Added the following BGM to the Gallery Mode:
“The Man” (That Man’s theme from Guilty Gear: Overture)
The newly added BGM can be accessed after obtaining it via “fishing.”

・Added DLC stage “Tír na nÓg.”
*The stage will be available after purchasing "GGST Season Pass 2" or the "Tír na nÓg” DLC item to be released on May 25.

・Added DLC colors “Guilty Gear 25th Anniversary Appreciation Color.”
*The “Guilty Gear 25th Anniversary Appreciation Color” item is available from each platform’s store for free download.

・Added DLC colors “Guilty Gear 25th Anniversary Colors.”
*These colors will be available after purchasing the “Guilty Gear 25th Anniversary Colors” item to be released on May 25.

Digital Figure

・Added additional content for “Bedman?”.
The new Digital Figure items can be accessed after obtaining them via “fishing.”

Network Mode

・Fixed an issue where it would sometimes become impossible to enter online lobbies.

・Fixed an issue where a connection with the opponent could not be established sometimes after player information was displayed prior to the beginning of a match.

・Fixed an issue where online matches could sometimes not be established while in Standby in Training Mode.

・Fixed an issue resulting in abnormally high amounts of ping when the network connection worsened during an online match.

・Fixed an issue where entering a Player Match room would sometimes result in failure to enter the room or result in the game crashing.

・Fixed other minor issues and improved overall connection processing.

Mission Mode

・Fixed an issue where hitting the opponent with an aerial attack immediately before landing would erroneously result in failure for the “Countering a Throw!” mission.

・Fixed an issue where performing a throw after the animation for Kachoufuugetsu Kai had already ended would erroneously result in success for the “Anji Match-up Tutorial 2” mission.


・Changed the display format for the “Character Specific Settings” option in Training Mode, etc.

・Fixed an issue where the input command for Nagoriyuki’s special move Zarameyuki was incorrectly displayed in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

・Fixed several issues related to battle animations.

・Fixed some minor text display issues.

We will post further updates regarding future game updates and their contents on the official web site and Twitter account.

We ask for your continued support for Guilty Gear -Strive-.