Network Mode Issues (March 14, 2023) Updated: May 11, 2023

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We have confirmed that several issues are currently occurring in the network mode.

Affected Platforms: PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Steam/Windows

Issue Details: (Updated 4/21/2023)

● Frequent network errors and the following issues occurring:
 ○ Unable to enter online lobbies or Player Match rooms
 ○ Unable to initiate matches from Duel Stations

● The following issues causing unintended behavior when a temporary dip in network performance occurs due to packet delay or packet loss in the standard player network environment:
 ○ Ping value of the network battle becoming an abnormal value
 ○ Game running unstable during network battles

Current Situation: (Updated 5/11/2023)

We have confirmed previously that there are several issues with the external service used for cross-platform support, resulting in problems with certain network communication processes that caused the issues described above.
We are currently working with related parties, and plan to release a patch to address these issues on May 25 (PT).

Sufficient time for testing is needed to ensure that no additional issues are caused by the many adjustments made not only to the Guilty Gear -Strive- game application but also to the external services involved. We appreciate your understanding.

Some news archive items were taken down on April 5 as a measure to reduce the network connection load. This has made some of the news backlog inaccessible as a result, but this is intended.

Until the issues are resolved, we ask players to avoid the following.

・Accessing a Duel Station while the "Connecting" icon can be seen in the upper right of the screen.
・Attempting to initiate a match with a player whose avatar displays their battle character overhead but cannot be seen readying their weapon at a Duel Station.(Added 4/5/2023)
・Attempting to initiate a match with a player whose avatar can be seen readying their weapon at a Duel Station but does not have their battle character displayed overhead.(Added 4/5/2023)

The following may help when experiencing difficulty with matchmaking either in a lobby or during Training Mode Matching.

・Exit network mode and return to the Main Menu, then enter a different room from the one where the error occurred (sometimes the issue may not be resolved after returning only to the Lobby Select screen).
・Exit and restart the game.

Notices Regarding Other Network-related Issues:

On April 1 around 08:00 AM (PT), an error occurred on game launch in which the R-Code upload would fail.
This issue has been addressed as of the unscheduled server maintenance at 08:30 AM the same day.

From March 24, 11:00 AM (PT) to March 27, 04:00 PM (PT), GGST server issues resulted in errors connecting in some lobby rooms and when attempting to enter lobbies.

The above issues have been addressed, with additional adjustments for stability made during the unscheduled server maintenance performed on March 30.

We apologize again for the inconvenience caused.