[3/28 Update] Currently Confirmed Bugs

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We have confirmed the following bugs in the PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Steam versions of Guilty Gear -Strive-. This list will be periodically updated.
Please also note that this does not include every bug currently present in the game.

Updated: March 28, 2022
*[Ver*.**] denotes the game version the bug has been confirmed in.

List of Bugs

■In some regions, it takes an exceptionally long time to connect to the network, and network errors, including disconnections, occur. [Ver1.00]

Response: Under investigation

■Issues with network errors, disconnections, and matching issues in Online Lobbies and Player Matches. [Ver1.00]

Response: Under investigation

Fixed Bugs

■Combo recipes created in Ver1.13 are not displayed correctly in Combo Maker mode. [Ver1.14]

Response: Fixed in Ver 1.16 Patch

■When a grounded hit of Ky Kiske’s Sacred Edge triggers Wall Break, the opponent’s character is not knocked down and can perform a recovery. [Ver1.13]

Response: Fixed in Ver 1.14 Patch

■A Psych Burst can hit Zato-1 even while he is hidden in the ground during Break the Law. [Ver1.13]

Response: Fixed in Ver 1.14 Patch

■Jack-O’s Aerial Throw Servant does not activate with a diagonal (↗︎) input. [Ver1.13]

Response: Fixed in Ver 1.14 Patch

■The conditions for buffs to the attack properties of Happy Chaos’s Fire and Steady Aim have changed. [Ver1.13]

Response: Fixed in Ver 1.14 Patch

■When Baiken simultaneously parries both a projectile and attack from the opponent with Hiiragi while under the slow-down effect of a Roman Cancel, the opponent’s character becomes frozen. [Ver1.13]

Response: Fixed in Ver 1.14 Patch

■Activating a Roman Cancel during a throw tech while fighting with an ally in Arcade Mode causes unintended behavior. [Ver1.10]

Response: Fixed in Ver 1.14 Patch

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