Introducing the Four Official Guilty Gear -Strive- Ambassadors

Yui(Official MC)

I could never have imagined things would turn out like this back at Tokyo Game Show 18 years ago, when I watched the GGXX tournament dressed in my Millia cosplay.
I'm truly honored and, as a fan myself, I only hope I can give something back in return for how enthralled the Guilty Gear series has kept me all this time.
I'll give it my all to show everyone just how amazing Guilty Gear is, so we can get even more players excited to join the scene.

Airi Nagatomo(Official Player)

When I first played Guilty Gear, I was blown away by the incredible characters, world, and BGM!
The more you learn about Guilty Gear, the more you come to appreciate its unique charm. I'll work hard to convey that to as many people as I can!

Ayaka Hattori(Official Player)

I want everyone to see me improve as a player, with everyone's help, of course!
And! I'd like to share how wonderful Guilty Gear is with everyone, too!
Let's enjoy GG together~!
Make sure you clap for me! Don't miss it! (I'm imitating May, okay, haha)

Chloe Yuki(Official Cosplayer)

Hello, my name is Chloe Yuki.
I'm super excited to become an official cosplayer for Guilty Gear, with all of its incredibly detailed cute and cool characters!
I want to show everyone how wonderful Guilty Gear's characters are so that they can enjoy Guilty Gear -Strive-!

What are Guilty Gear -Strive- Official Ambassadors?

We've chosen Yui, Airi Nagatomo, Ayaka Hattori, and Chloe Yuki as our four Guilty Gear -Strive- Official Ambassadors. They'll help spread the word about GGST and its many charms through a variety of mediums, such as fighting game tournaments and events.